Christ Church, Chester is about people… Banquet

‘Church’ is often seen as a building made of bricks and mortar. We believe that church is about a family – a building where the bricks are not made of stone, but of people.

We are a mix of people – young and old, rich and poor, unemployed and employed, highly educated and illiterate, British and non-British. We want to see everyone’s lives restored to the person that God created them to be, whoever they are. We welcome anyone to come and join us, especially students from the university, to whom we believe God has given us a special ministry.

We believe that Christ Church to each of us individually or collectively. We are ‘Christ’s Church’ – we belong to our leader, our namesake, Jesus Christ.

We look to have fun together in everything we do. This means spending time with each other and not taking ourselves too seriously. Here are just some examples of how we do this:

cycling 2013

Men’s Biking Weekend

Barn Dance 2013

May Day Barn Dance

Fun Day 2013

Christ Church Fun Day


What's your view?

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