Hello to all new students and warm welcome back to current students! Please look at this page to find out what’s going on and what is happening throughout the year!


Student Term Autumn 2014


Christ Church Chester is an exciting place to be. Situated in Newtown (a short 10 minute walk from the University), Christ Church has a diverse congregation with a heart for knowing Jesus more.

Student bbq 2014

Student bbq 2014

For a number of years we have had a fantastic relationship with the Student Community. Our hope as a Church is to help you find your spiritual home here in Chester. At Christ Church we don’t want you to be ‘just another student,’ instead we hope that you feel a part of the Church family. In everything we do we want you to be challenged, inspired and filled by our amazing, loving God.

There are a number of things we offer across the course of the year for our students;

  • Weekly coffees with our interns
  • Bible and Lunch – a midweek Bible study over lunch
  • Hot Potato – a meal (can you guess what!?) followed by an informal discussion on key topics
  • CaC – Curry and Chat (for the lads) & Chocolate and Chat (for the ladies) – to talk through topics as a one gender group
  • Student Weekend Away – A chance to escape, spend time with God and one another in a relaxed environment
  • End of Term Celebratory BBQ – exactly what it says on the tin!

Part of the Church’s vision statement is “as we have fun together.” We try to demonstrate that fun loving community through these evernts. We also hold loads of other events for the wider Church family, which include;

A Church Banquet – yes, a real banquet!

  • A Church Quiz
  • Craft Evenings – a time to get your creative on!
  • Board Games Night
  • A Community Fun Day
  • Not to mention the wealth of Christmas events!

 An integral part of worshipping at a Church is serving the Church. There are loads of opportunities to use and develop your gifts in one of our various ministries albeit; the Children’s and Youth work, our Community Drop-In, the Worship team, the AV Team, the list can keep on going!

What’s Coming Up?

We’ve got a lot coming up over the future months which you could be a part of;

  • Hot Potato Lunches – a meal followed by an informal discussion on key issues
  • A Church Banquet – yes, a real banquet!
  • A Church Quiz – don’t forget your brains!
  • Craft Evenings – a time to get your creative on!
  • Student Weekend Away (9th – 11th  January) – a time to get away, have fun and refresh for the coming term.
  • And not to mention a wealth of Festive Fun!


Here are some comments from Students past and present about their  experiences with Christ Church:

“I feel like I belong at Christ Church, and have been able to use my gifts and talents.”

“Christ Church is a great community with loads to support students and help them  develop!”

“Christ Church is a home full of welcoming friendly people, and has a reassuring  atmosphere to bring new Christians into.”

“Christ Church is a home away from home. It is a great Church family that encourages you to grow in your gifts!”

Get In Touch

If you do have any questions please feel free to get in touch. Either join our Facebook page – Students @ Christ Church or alternatively contact one of our Interns:

Rosie Adcock – Rosie.adcock@christchurchchester.com

Tash Peto – Tash.peto@christchurchchester.com

Better still come to Church on Sunday and we will hopefully be able to help you.

How To Find Us How To Find Us