…in a Renewed Space…

The renewal of our buildings is part of our vision for Christ Church Chester as we seek to reach out to the community and build a flexible space for both contemporary worship and social activities of our church.


Team Peto building our platform


Our new screen!

Just to say a huge thank you to every one who has contributed to these works the big news is we have done it we have raised the money got permission to undertake the works and have started! The screen, projector and speakers have now been installed and over the next few weeks we will be removing the inner doors and replacing them with glass and constructing the new platform. I’ll keep the website updated with progress but thank you  for all who have made this possible which will make a real difference to the welcome and worship at Christ church.

Why are we changing?

What are we changing?

Over the next 12 months we are seeking to

Improve the welcome by

  • Replacing the existing inner main door with glass.
  • Removing some pews and other furniture to provided a larger welcome space and give more flexibility in using the building for social events.
  • Replacing the heating system in the Mission House.

 Improve the Worship by

  • Installing a projector, LCD screen and a larger retractable screen high up behind the rood beam at the front of church
  • Building a platform and re-carpeting the front of church to bring the worship leading of both services forward.

How can I give?

If you would like to give to this project over and above your regular giving to Christ Church you can down load the pledge form Pledge form Gift Aid and Standing Order. Any amount big or small is appreciated if you can give a pound or a much larger donation either would be gratefully received. Thank you for your support.


What's your view?

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