Graham proves he can do family service talks too!



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Its our Annual General Meeting on Sunday (yeah!) and so we are starting at 10am with a joint service which will be followed by the meeting. In order to give people a chance to read and digest the report before the meeting  we have made the 2014 report available to read here or click on the image.

Men's MountainBike Ride 2014

Either May 2-4 or if we can’t get the accommodation May 16-18….. save the dates! We’ll let you know asap which one!

You’ve seen the video……

Now enjoy the pictures!


The Chester music festival is currently ongoing so in honour we are putting a couple of videos of the recent classical concert at Christchurch. Perhaps next year we could be in the program!


FYI both recorded on a mobile phone! (Nokia 808PV)

After the world premiere yesterday we are pleased to show the official video of the event (this time in colour and without the stutter effect – the church pc is creaking!)

More photos to come

Our three new interns who will be joining us in September were introduced to the church on Sunday! They told us who they are, what they are doing at the moment and what they hope to get out of this forthcoming year. Lots of thanks to Alex for all the amazing work she has done this year as she has pioneered the 1st intern placement.

Ralph with James, Kat and Rosie

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