Who was Elijah and what did he do?

Discover the story of Elijah’s ministry as we spend 8 weeks going through the life of this Old Testament prophet.

Elijah came from nowhere, we know nothing about him until he told the King that there would be no rain. At that time Baal was worshipped and was the God of Rain. It’s like taking on Nadal on clay. It was his turf. He spoke truth in a difficult situations.

How can we learn? Never think who or what you are is an accident. Ask “where has god put me now so that i can serve him?” Why has God put you in the context you are in?

If you are not playing your role God will raise up someone else….

If we are blessed in any way we need to ask why we have been blessed and how can we be a blessing to others. God is in the business of raising people up in every situation.


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