Unless the Lord Build the House …

Christ Church is full of potential and is a really exciting place to be. However, ‘unless the Lord build the house, the builders labour in vain’ (Psalm 127:1).

Lent provides an opportunity for us to ask the question: “What does God want our church to look like in 5 years time?”

The process will include:

a.      Large boards will be at the back of church to write on / stick bits of paper on about where people feel God is leading us.

b.      During Lent weekly home-groups will have a chance to look at and discuss where God may be leading us. This too will be fed-back to the boards at church.

c.      For those not part of home-groups, or those who wish to spend more time collectively listening to God, on 5 Sundays during Lent there will another opportunity to do so. 7:30 – 8:30pm at church.

d.      In addition, any other groups at the church (such as students, youth and children) will also be encouraged to contribute to the process.


In the series the speakers make references to the 5 “CS’s” – below is a video from Alpha where the 5 CS’s are explained. He starts to explain the CS’s at 10m20s or just follow this link.

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