A selection of excerpts from Greenbelt talks over the last few years

Whatever happened to heaven? John Bell
Cultivating Wisdom – Lucy Winkett
Divine Beauty; The Invisible Embrace – John O’Donohue
Who do we think we are? – Yasmin Alibhai Brown
God’s Politics – Jim Wallis
Son of David or suffering servant – Naim Ateek
Fundamentalism – Karen Armstrong
Dirty Theology – Kester Brewin
Spiritual Activism “Transforming World & Self” – Alistair McIntosh
One innocent man goes free while 100s remain in prison – Clive Stafford-Smith
Like a virgin? Mary in the 21st century – Nicola Slee
White like me; privilege and church – Robert Beckford
Messy Spirituality – Mike Yaconelli
Interview with Lucy Winkett – Norman Kember
The poet and the theologian – David Ford & Michael O’Siadhail