I love it when the change of the seasons co incides with a shift that mirrors what is happening in the spiritual! As well as the new birth of Spring /Summer we will begin to see around us more and more opportunities unfurling, blossoming and more of the Kingdom of God manifesting, bubbling up and budding all around us. The clocks went forward and we slipped into British Summer time on Sunday; we cannot control this new inevitable season which is gathering momentum; like dandelion seeds dispersed by the wind, so I pray God would open our eyes to the shoots and signs of spiritual new life – this openness is for everyone and I encourage you to remain in God’s love, yield even more fruitfulness as you step out, and believe what the Word says about who we are and who He is.

Detached youth news!

Our Newtown d’Biz is going well… a few leaders will be moving on after their studies have finished so please pray for another leader or two; we need some more good male role models. Christ Church are going to be advertising soon to employ a part time Youth Worker from September; interviews will probably be in June. Thanks to God concerning our contact with the local Community Police Officer. God has opened up a great relationship already between James and myself and we have chatted lots about working together increasingly. He is young, energetic and very keen to see breakthrough in the area too! He wants to run self defense classes for our d’Biz youth and have a key to our church so he can use it as a base whilst working in the community. He came into one of our church services and thought he had gate-crashed a private party. He was gob-smacked when I explained ‘this is church’. James is not yet a believer, but I believe he is being pursued by God– pray for him with me!

Parish visiting!

It was very exciting last night to have 12 volunteers being trained and CRB’ed last night in preparation for becoming Parish Visitors. Once the CRBs are cleared, over the next few weeks, we will begin sending people into the homes of local people offering time, friendship, prayer for healing and home communions. We are asking God to reveal to us who needs Him and continue to ask for favor in opened doors and hearts.


This next month is a crucial time for the playgroup in terms of decisions which need to be made concerning its future. Originally set up as a toddler group for the sake of a few isolated single parents, even in the past year it is changing as many of the toddlers are now pre-school age and are starting to go to school. Jane needs to move on from running the group and we have struggled to identify anyone with the vision and passion to take over the group as it currently operates. Numbers fluctuate and we know the real ministry is not as a toddler group but as a safe place for parents to come and chat, receive prayer and be loved, accepted and supported as they are. Please pray for our meeting on 15th April with Andrew, Jane, Celia and myself– for great wisdom and God’s will for the group. We plan to make a decision that day; to carry on running the group (perhaps in a slightly different guise; as a coffee morning rather than a playgroup) or to recognise the seasonal nature of some ministries, thank God for the relationships which have been born out of the group, and close it. We had intentionally not presented this as a need before church as I have believed that God would raise up someone if it is right to continue… so I was excited last night when I met a woman from Christ Church who God has been speaking to and breathing life and resurrecting a vision about spiritual parenting and believes this might be connected to the future of the playgroup – we shared a powerful time of prayer last night. She is coming along to the meeting on 15th April too – please hold her before God as she seeks him for confirmation this week!

Other stuff

At this time of year, when sporadic and irregular visitors are attracted to services which mark the major festivals, please pray for all our Easter activities and services (a good Friday evening memorial service and an Easter Sunday morning celebration); that more local people may be attracted to the light of Christ and come to know this Christ and His new life for themselves.

Also, our vicar, Andrew, is going on a 3 month sabbatical beginning in May – please pray for him this next month as he prepares to delegate tasks and for the time out; that he and his family are refreshed, inspired, filled, envisioned and deeply rested in God.

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