Adam Linfield is a member of our congregation currently doing voluntary work in Peru. His blog is We will have a feed of his contributions on the right hand side of our web site. Please keep him in your prayers.

Adam’s Prayer Letter

Tuesday September 8th

Arequipa, Peru

Firstly, let me thank everyone who has shown an interest in what I am doing and those who are offering support in prayer. It means a lot to me and I greatly appreciate all your thoughts. Please feel free to share this letter with others who are interested in the work I am doing, I am more than happy to add other people to the list that this gets sent to.

It is my intention to keep these prayer letters as succinct as I can, with general information about the work I am doing and some prayer points. If you wish to know more details then please read my blog, which can be found here

The trip to Arequipa, a city of about 900 000 in the South of Peru was long and arduous, not least because after arriving in Lima I had to take a 15 hour bus journey. However I arrived safe and sound and for that I am thankful.

I was met at the bus station by Jose, the director of the organisation CIESCU for which I am working with. Jose and his family have been extremely hospitable and that fact that he has a son and two daughters of a similar age to me has also been encouraging.

The first couple of days here seem to have been a bit of a whirlwind, no sooner had I dropped my bags off then Jose was taking me to see the office and some of the projects. The size of Arequipa is a little daunting as it sprawls across a valley next to three (hopefully) dormant volcano’s, with few buildings being over three stories and no way of getting around other than car and bus. I am a little worried by the prospect of having to commute around the city alone eventually.

My Spanish is defiantly getting a work out and I hope it improves soon, but I am encouraged by my ability to be understood and to understand most things that are explained directly to me. Listening in to general conversations is a completely different thing however and I do find myself nodding and agreeing more then perhaps I should. Last night though I shared some dinner with Davis, Jose’s son and felt that I understood more of the conversation than alluded me.

I am still a little unsure about my role here, and this is a major concern as I want to be effective during my stay. Yesterday I went to the office with Jose’s eldest daughter Jerenie and Jose asked us to translate a report from Spanish to English. Jerenie speaks some English (more than I think she is letting on) and so together we were able to translate two out of the three pages in a couple of hours. This was a great encouragement especially as it was quite a technical document talking about malnourishment and even once we’d translated some of the words into English I still didn’t know what they meant!

The other thing I am trying to develop while I am here, as well as skills and my Spanish, is my own Christian Faith. My Faith has always been a little matter of fact I must admit, and my attempts to intermittently take it up a notch often peter out after a week or two. Anyway with few distractions here and more need than ever for God’s help and guidance I hope that this time can also be a period of growth. So for this area prayer is certainly needed.

Prayer Points

· Thanksgiving for having arrived safely and for the provision of accommodation and the kindness of Jose and his family.

· Please pray that I will be able to build on these relationships as how I get on with other people will be pivotal to my stay.

· Please pray for protection and health as conditions here are very different from anything I have experience before. Traffic accidents are common and also crime is high so I need to be as safe and sensible as possible.

· Please pray that my Spanish will develop rapidly especially my understanding of what others are saying.

· Thanksgiving that I was able to contribute by translating, hopefully there will be many more reports as well as the website for me to work on.

· Please pray that I will be able to find a role here. The last thing I want is a year out or to be here just to “help”. I want to contribute and offer proper professional skills to the work of CIESCU.

· Please pray for my relationship with God, that I will grow closer to him during this time. Also pray that I am open to opportunities that may present themselves. I have already been in contact with a number of organisations both Christian and Non-Christian who work in Peru and an opportunity to visit these projects and make contact would defiantly be beneficial.

Thank you again for all of your thoughts and prayers.