For our children as they return to – or start in new schools. That they would have courage and make new friendships. That they will not compromise their faith and Christian teaching to ‘fit in’, but have the strength to stand with Jesus as He stands with them.

We pray for the students as they start a new year of reaching their goals. For the new students coming into the area, and hopefully our church. That they will find a Spiritual home amongst the people and churches in Chester.

We pray that our church would be a blessing to all new students who walk through these doors. That they will find comfort away from home, and warmth (maybe the heating will be sorted soon) amongst our fellowship.

Prayers are raised for David & Kathryn as they come closer to their wedding day, which is in 2 weeks time! May they keep calm, have fun! And be blessed to pieces!

Let us pray for those who have lost their job due to the credit crunch we are experiencing. We pray for His mighty provisions to be released on His children. May the Lord give us all wisdom and discernment at this time, may He also anoint our government with financial acumen, wisdom and honesty.

I apologise for lack of prayer letters over the summer holiday period, Kevin and I are going through a very hard time at the moment. We could do with prayer as we have been badly effected by Kevin losing his job back in June. I am working but don’t earn any where near enough to keep us, so please pray that Kevin will soon get a job (he has applied for numerous posts to no avail). The financial situation is extremely worrying. We know God will provide, and He is working His purpose out – just feel to be sinking fast at the moment.

May we pray for continued blessings on Anina, that she would be guided in her work for our community and that her and Gaz would know God’s hand is upon them. That they will be anointed, encouraged and strengthened for what the Lord has in His plans for them.

There is always something to praise and thank God for! He is full of mercy and grace and His love endures forever! His great and mighty hand is carrying us all through our ups and downs.

He sees us as we are and still cares for us. He will never forsake us, never leave us. His rod and His staff they will comfort us.

This is our church’s monthly prayer letter, to be used by all in our church and community. Any prayer requests you may want including in this letter, please place in the post under ‘E’ or send a request via email to –

Next one will be published by Sat 2nd Oct – so requests need to be in the post box by Sunday 27th Sept a.m.