It was great to go out this month as part of my training with the Light Project into Chester to communicate about the Christian Easter message. This was done by way of a nativity scene in the middle of Chester (God turning up in unexpected places!) and our assessed piece of evangelism; offering ‘new life’.

In the community of Newtown , two of our ‘community projects’ are now live! Jane Rudd, worshipping at Christchurch , studying at the University and drawing from the Light Project’s experience in setting up d’Biz groups, started a pilot Detached Youth work project last month with some volunteers. This involves spending time hanging out where the children and young people congregate in the community and engaging them in conversation. She will be finishing this pilot in May. However, God has begun to bring in resources for the younger age group (10-12s) as well as volunteers to begin a club – please join me in praying for His timing and clarity about what He wants to do and when!

At the end of March, the Newtown playgroup started. This project is a partnership with the Salvation Army, whose community room we are using. We meet on a Tuesday morning from 10 – 11:30am in term time. The vision is for the parents to make friends and our volunteers are seeking to support and “spiritually parent” them in their various situations. We offer prayer at the end of each session. We had 6 children and 8 adults to our first playgroup – see picture, attached! Thanks also to St Michael’s Church Toddler group for their love and support.

The new playgroup gets going!

A new working group are being gathered to oversee the re-development of our community building, The Mission House. Please pray that those whom God is calling will respond and that they might be equipped to run this rather large project.

Our next mini project is the ‘Getting to know your neighbours’ coffee afternoon (an opportunity for those living in the terraces in Newtown to break the ice between strangers and for reconciliation between those estranged). This is taking place at Christ Church on Saturday 11th April in the afternoon.

God is currently speaking to me about abiding and remaining in the vine! [John, Chapter 15]. It is so exciting to be living in a time and place where I see God moving in a way I have never seen before. There seems to be a more tangible seeking and a greater hunger for God at the moment and He uses ordinary people, those who are connected to Him, to be a part of His Kingdom coming closer. Are you ready?!

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