Recorded on 8th Feb

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The questions that Andrew asked us to look at after the service. (use the comments feature to give feedback)

  1. Why do people long for community – a place to belong – in our world today?
  2. Read Matthew 9:36. If we begin to see the needs of people with the eyes of Jesus, how might we relate to the people who live around us?
  3. Read John 17:20-21. In light of Jesus’ prayer, what is God’s dream for his people-the church? In your opinion, what helps or hinders his vision?
  4. Read 1 Corinthians 12:24b-27. Each one of us, as the body of Christ, plays an important role in our faith communities. Do you know what your role is in the body of Christ? If so, how can you help the body best?
  5. One of our roles in the body of Christ is to be the hands and feet of Jesus to a needy world. John Burke believes that all of us have four to eight people in our sphere of connections that need to know that God loves them. Talk about some of the needs you see around you. How does thinking about those needs make you feel-excited to help meet them or overwhelmed and underprepared? Why?
  6. What would it take for your church or group to follow the dreams and hopes of God and “be the body” in your world?