Recorded on 25th Jan

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The questions that Andrew asked us to look at after the service. (use the comments feature to give feedback)

  1. What do you think the goal of Christian spiritual growth is?
  2. John Burke began this session by illustrating the need for new topsoil at Gateway Church in order for grass, plants, and trees to grow. What kind of soil do people need to grow spiritually? Think about the time you grew the most or felt most alive … what was that “soil” like? Read John 15:5-8.
  3. According to Jesus, what is the secret to spiritual growth? How do you stay connected in a practical way?
  4. Read Romans 8:5-6. These verses indicate that God’s noncondemning acceptance frees us to set our minds on what the Spirit desires. Why do you think this is so important for growth?
  5. Spiritual disciplines act as a way to interrupt our habits of disconnecting from God. What intentional practices, experiences, or disciplines have most helped you to stay connected to God’s Spirit and grow spiritually?
  6. Discuss ways you can better help each other grow in your group or in your church. What do you need relationally? How can you be more intentional?