Site specific dance

  • Began in the ‘70’s when dancers wanted to take dance to “the people”.
  • Challenges the participants and audience perspective on a Historic Building or Monument.
  • The theme will be initiated by the group’s ideas and interests.

Who will be involved?

  • Two groups have already shown a great interest in being involved.
  • We will actively be seeking a 3rd group made up of young people from the local community and congregation.
  • Professional dancers: Co3 Dance will perform and lead the workshops.

Being part of the project

  • Dancing in the Aisles welcomes people with little or no experience in dance.
  • The project is aiming to bring people together for a shared experience.
  • An opportunity to think outside the box, and experience being out of your comfort zone. Above all you will have fun.

Social Café

Sunday 1st February 7-9pm at ChristChurch.
Quiz night, music, and chat! to raise funds for the project. (Wrap up warm!!)
*Volunteers Welcome!!! Be part of the project!