Recorded on 11th Jan

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The video below introduces the gateway church presented by John Burke of No Perfect People Allowed

The questions that Andrew asked us during the service (use the comments feature to give feedback)

  1. What most prevents people from experiencing grace from feeling perfectly acceptable to God and pulled in close no matter what?
  2. Why do people long to feel accepted?
  3. Read Romans 7:15. Have you ever felt this cycle the apostle Paul describes? How did that feel? What do you think caused it?
  4. Read Romans 8:1-4. How does God’s promise to not condemn help us to grow?
  5. What do you experience more of: Romans 7 or Romans 8? Why?
  6. John Burke talked about discovering a Rembrandt painting that was covered by mud and how to recover this masterpiece appropriately. How do we treat people as if they are God’s masterpiece?
  7. How can your group or church create a culture of grace and acceptance?