Anina writes: I have been visiting home groups this past month to share about the Parish and the need there. People are defining their gifts and availing themselves for service. Some are waking up for the first time to the invitation to be part of something bigger and to invest in the eternal. By January I hope to have a clearer idea of what God wants us to start. It is likely that a detached youth work will start in February. 


Last week, we delivered a newsletter to each business and home in Newtown telling them about community news and Christmas events. We hope residents will come and get involved and discover community again. I attended a Community meeting this week run by the Police and was invited to join the ‘top table’ to address the residents with them! I feel I am being accepted by the community which is a privilege. I am hoping to facilitate the locals to set up their own Residents Association for those living in the terraces in Newtown.


I have been challenged this month in thinking about ‘church’. Do we want people to come to church, or to journey towards God? Who are the ‘poor’? How do we care for the often complex needs of newcomers? Are we being real about our own messiness and ministering to one another? Are we displaying fullness of life?  Are we church if we are not going out? How can we grow further in depth?



I have been asking God to give me a sense of who is ‘ripe’ to hear the good news. A few weeks ago I was introduced to a lady who had lots of questions, a recovering alcoholic who is now being treated for depression. We prayed that  Jesus would show her He was real and then I sent her my bible. Within a few days, she had read all of Luke and was praying each day to know more of God. Only this week, she decided to become a Christian and we shared a Holy moment as she prayed that beautiful life-changing prayer. I have connected her with a local church.

     Please pray….

·        For clarity of vision.

·        For helpers to fund raise to refurbish our community building.

·        For our Community events this month. You are all welcome.

Sun 7th Dec 11:45amNewtown leaf picking and litter clearing    

Sat 20th Dec 2 – 4pm – Newtown reminiscence & slideshow

Sun 21st Dec 4:30pm – Carols in the community and hot drinks