18 groups have been meeting across the 3 congregations in 2007-2008. We hope and believe that if you have been part of a group it has been a place to learn, grow, laugh, weep, pray and eat cake. Over the years we have offered training for group leaders on a variety of topics and recently these training sessions have been held in the Kings Way Cafe.

On Monday Sep 29th at 7pm we will be hosting a seminar entitled “The Freedom of Forgiveness” led by Andy Bond, leader of Reach Christian Counselling. The evening will focus on the journey of forgiveness and is designed to help us see how thorough our forgiveness is, the common places people get stuck and how to help others who are on this path to move towards the freedom God has for them. We are encouraging everyone who has a role in leading a small group to be part of this training session. Having attended a previous session hosted by Andy we are confident that it will prove personally and in ministry. Small group leader training for 2009 is being planned so please let us know if you have training needs or ideas.

If you are a homegroup leader or interested in becoming a leader and want to attend this session please let Tim Longman (tim@longman.me.uk) know so that places can be reserved.